The Framework team is a valued partner to organizations across the country and all over the world. With customized solutions that are proven to be cost-effective and deliver meaningful results, leaders in learning trust Framework to help them adapt and scale.

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Our unique and powerful EdTech consulting partnership with the American Samoa Department of Education (ASDOE) resulted in a unique system that maps a lifelong journey from childhood through the many phases of an individual's education experience. Working together, the Samoan communities and leaders have accurate data providing opportunities to improve education while addressing potential challenges facing each learner.

"We left with practical leadership advice that we could apply."

Framework's team gathered with Executive Leadership from school districts across North Carolina to lead discussions that introduced ideas, solutions, and strategies to bring back to the various communities. Through management training and guided experiences, the state's superintendents explored new paths that empower schools adapt and scale to their communities' changing needs with confidence.

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