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Framework prides itself on the investments that we are willing to put into our relationships. We have learned over the years that success is a two-way street and it is critical that both sides of a productive relationship be willing to invest the time and energy it takes to produce winning outcomes.

Successful partnerships, across the grades, in schools large and small, benefit students, teachers, and entire communities.

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Meet Our Consultant of the Quarter

Framework is pleased to announce that Kathy Graham has been awarded the 2017, Q2, Consultant Performance Award.

Passionate about her contributions to educating today’s children and teachers, Kathy delivers expertise in reading, mathematics, and science to classroom children, and in-depth training, coaching and modeling to teachers.

As a seasoned professional working with Pearson for many years, Kathy shows absolute dedication, working over and above what is expected, time and time again. When we asked Jenny McDonald, Kathy’s Pearson supervisor, to share a few words regarding Kathy’s performance, she wrote, ‘Kathy is always willing to take the lead on projects, she goes above and beyond to meet the needs of customers and is ALWAYS good for a funny story. She is truly a top-notch trainer and educator!’

Additionally, Kathy’s commitment to ‘walking-the-walk’ for Framework is unparalleled and always done willingly. In spite of the numerous and sometimes grueling hours spent travelling and working with Pearson, the students and teachers, she has also been a consummate, team player at Framework. Her dedication to keeping back-office staff aware & prepared of upcoming changes in regard to project codes, time, expenses, training and Pearson field assignments has enabled Framework to aid her and countless other consultants!

We would like to thank Kathy for her dedication and professionalism to both Framework and Pearson.

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