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Workforce Solutions
Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

Framework’s workforce solutions can help you adapt and scale your staff to meet the unique demands of your organization. Whether you need help finding educators, technical staff, developers, project managers for long term, short term, or direct hire, our workforce solutions simplify every step of the process, from recruitment to expense management.

Direct Hire, Search, and Recruitment

Finding and retaining the best talent can be tough in a highly competitive job market. Framework employs a comprehensive, “Executive Search” recruitment model to connect you with a pipeline of talented, passionate individuals, ensuring we find the right fit for your organization.

Long-term (Alliance Plus) Staffing

Framework can help you find the perfect fit for your long-term staffing needs, handling everything from background checks to offboarding. We offer a holistic approach that assesses both the position/skill needs, as well as the overall culture of your organization to ensure we find the best fit with pricing models that allow for easy conversion to a fantastic full time employee for your organization.

Contingent Variable Staffing

Peak staffing periods such as “back to school” can be stressful for EdTech and education organizations. Framework’s contingent variable staffing can ease this stress by reducing the workload on staff. Save your district an average of 20% on staffing costs while accessing the highly skilled talent you need without long term commitments.

The Partners and Consultant Support Team understand who we are and the tasks we are performing. Thanks to this support, I’ve been able to perform my role efficiently and effectively.

A. Huggins
Education Specialist
Educational Institution