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Product Solutions
Product Solutions

Product Solutions

In addition to our consulting and staffing services, Framework partners with educational companies and nonprofits to meet the needs of your district. We help you connect with the most current, accessible, and adaptable educational resources available, enhancing teacher, student, and parent experiences.

Community Engagement

Framework’s partnership with LivingTree, a school management software company specializing in fundraising and family engagement, can help your district maximize its fundraising potential. Livingtree provides an all-in-one online fundraising platform, as well as an online professional development program designed to improve parent communication and family engagement.

Math Instruction

The Alef platform provides individualized, adaptive math assessments that help each student identify their own strengths and opportunities for improvement, providing every student with an individualized learning path. Alef guarantees that each student receives the help and attention they need by providing real-time feedback, adaptive questions, and informative data in multiple formats to help teachers better understand the needs of their students.

Interactive Digital Authoring

Curriki is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use and development of open-source educational technologies. Curriki furthers Framework’s mission to help school districts adapt and scale as needed to best serve their students by ensuring that online learning is as accessible and innovative as possible.

After we engaged Framework, I was able to focus on my customers and key business cycle events like “Back-to-School.”  My variable labor workforce was high quality and compliant with all national and local labor laws.

Vice President
Professional Development