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(A Grammar and Mechanics Course)

Course Activity Plan

Grade Levels:  6th-10th            Sessions:
Student Max:  10                        Student Min: 3
Course Cost:   $125 US
Dates (Times):
January 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st & 26th
(8:00-9:00pm EST)

Course Description:

Learn how to build vivid sentences and punctuate them. Comma, or no comma? How do you decide? We

will be using visual and kinesthetic strategies for understanding the parts of your sentences, so you will

never be stuck wondering about punctuation. This class will help you learn how to edit and revise your

work more efficiently. You will learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say. (Let's eat

Grandma! ~ OR ~ Let's eat, Grandma!) You will save time, energy, and most importantly, save Grandma!

Materials List:

Whiteboard (small)

Whiteboard markers (red, blue, black)

Writing paper


Colored pencils or pens (red & blue)

1 sheet of red construction paper (or white paper and a red pencil)

1 sheet of blue construction paper (or white paper and a blue pencil)

Course Instructor:


Shari Dinnel - I have been in education for over 20 years. I was in the classroom for eight years, and when I had my own children, I homeschooled them as well. I have since been the literacy specialist and instructional specialist for a charter school in LA where I was responsible for running the reading intervention program, as well as providing pull-out services for struggling readers.  I was also the LEA Coordinator, which means that I conducted ELPAC testing and

provided pull-out services for the English learners. While I do not have a special education credential, much of my experience has been with this population before they are officially identified. In this role, I also trained teachers in the language arts curriculum and classroom management. Since then, I have gone on to train teachers in new methodologies for the technology era of education. I have a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from California State University at Dominguez Hills with a focus on all aspects of language arts including English language learners. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northern Arizona University, and I have found that to be extremely useful in the field of education. Empathy and patience are my superpowers, guiding me as I find what works for each individual learner. I believe in a tailored approach to teaching and find creative ways to work with students. SKILLS: Elementary (All Subjects K-6); English (K-5); English as a Second Language; Math (K-5); Reading (K-6), Writing (K-6)

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