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A Specialized Niche

Since 2008, Framework has been developing a specialized niche providing workforce solutions in the K12 Learning Services sector. Premier Education publishers and EdTech companies rely on Framework as a Partner to provide world-class Staffing and Talent Acquisition services to enable their ability to deliver education consulting services to schools and districts across the United States.


The concept of Workforce Solutions begins with the ability to recruit and deliver the best talent in the industry.  Framework has a pipeline of thousands of education professionals. Our flexible model provides variable resourcing, direct hire, temporary and contract-to-hire options. Through our National Delivery Practice, Framework has an experienced team of recruiting and consultant care professionals who understand how to identify, qualify and onboard proven, talented education consulting professionals. Our team understands the nuances and seasonality of the K-12 environment - from the urgency and surge around back-to-school to the flexibility and speed to support a recently awarded statewide product adoption.

Variable Contingent Staffing

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

Staffing Areas of Focus

Virtual Team Meeting

Framework can help your company develop online learning that takes customers beyond the classroom and corporate walls with online modules that can be used for customer onboarding to in-depth professional development. With engaging and interactive asynchronous content available 24/7 from anywhere in the world to sessions with our virtual specialists, our services help customers master critical concepts as they progress through lessons. Throughout the learning experience, customers receive support from certified specialists who provide one-on-one instruction.

Outsourced Services

Framework's Managed Services offering provides clients with a complete services model customized around a partner's products and their customer base. 

For many K-12 companies their product offerings represent their passion and core competency.  That is where the focus is and should be.  However, services that support those products are essential to effective customer training, ongoing user engagement, customer retention and high product renewals. Like any product offering, a successful services engagement requires the right people, structure and processes. 

Workforce Solutions
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