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On-site, Just-In-Time

Job-embedded professional development with reflective coaching is a continuous thread of learning, facilitated by a reflective coach, tailored to individual needs, occurring over an extended period of time, connected to one’s specific content area, steeped in the actual work to be performed; structured within a community that is marked by trust, care, and concern for the members of the community, and part of the workday. 


Job-embedded professional development with reflective coaching improves school leadership and decision-making, classroom instruction and advances student learning. What principals and teachers know and are skilled to do is the most important influence on what students learn. Without continuous growth for the adults in the school, students are shortchanged. 

Job-embedded professional development with reflective coaching is coordinated by a reflective coach in combination with individual principals and/or teachers. This process is on-site, just-in-time, reflective, collaborative, action-oriented, and results-driven using an evidence-based Individual Growth and Development Plan that aligns with the school and district performance objectives. The reflective coach facilitates our research-based framework ~ inquiry, examination, identification, meaning, assumptions, conclusions, beliefs, and action. 

Reflective Coaches Characteristics and/or Qualifications

  • Excellent facilitation skills; 

  • High degree of professionalism, energy, integrity, empathy, personal maturity and strong character; 

  • Strong K-12 educational background; 

  • Significant desire to help educators and students succeed; 

  • Pattern of achievement, contribution, execution, motivation and enthusiasm; 

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; 

  • Experience with diverse groups; 

  • Skilled in instruction, pedagogy, data, leadership, communication, change management, team development, and coaching; and 

  • Innovative in recognizing that achieving equity and excellence will require a new mindset and approach to professional learning.

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