Leadership today continues to be more challenging and involving, and it requires preparation. New environmental challenges continue to emerge, and educational leaders must adapt to changing environments. Leadership calls for new ways of being in the world, not in oppositional isolation or confrontation, but in convivial cooperation which brings a world of new possibilities and opportunities. Educational leaders have multidisciplinary, interwoven roles. 


Today’s leaders’ must demonstrate energy and commitment. They need the ability to communicate effectively, generate human interaction and use available information to transform their institutions into learning organizations. They have to inquire, evaluate information and allocate resources. They are compelled to be community sensitive and visionary requiring an understanding of the impact of technological advances, decision-making processes and methods of becoming agents of change for the new era.



Leadership development is a career-long, if not a lifelong process. Effective leadership requires knowledge of oneself through individualized and group assessments. The core of any executive leadership development program should be the use of assessments for development where a variety of assessment instruments are embedded in the programs.


Framework’s Leadership Development Series is designed to aid the participants in developing reflective capacities to lead more effectively and will provide a variety of conceptual and technical skills to facilitate the leading and managing of the changing roles, rules, and relationships in today’s complex school districts.

The Framework Leadership offerings are targeted toward teacher leaders, principals, central administration, and superintendents. These research-based offerings are tailored to each school districts' needs and include:


  • Web-delivered professional development


  • Small group workshops


  • Multi-day institutes


  • Individual coaching and mentoring

Framework’s Leadership Development Series for executive leadership is based on research, which pertains to the differences between highly effective leaders versus those leaders who have derailed.

Our feedback intensive development program will help grow the competencies needed to deliver the results that matter to strengthen leadership as an organizational capability. The program embodies a vibrant learning environment where participants engage in a rigorous leadership development program that is relationally designed, growth opportunity-rich and action-oriented. The direct classroom interaction will be innovatively delivered, personalized and of high quality.


Our presenters are highly trained developers with profound educational leadership and management experience who have demonstrated strong presentation or facilitation skills, enjoy working with school leaders and love teaching, leading, and growing others.  They understand the challenges educational leaders face and recognize the opportunity to help educators grow, develop and succeed. Our presenters and executive coaches all share the following qualifications:

  • Excellent presentation, facilitation, and coaching skills

  • A high degree of professionalism, energy, integrity, empathy, personal maturity, and strong character

  • Strong K-12 educational leadership background

  • Significant desire to help educators and students succeed

  • A pattern of achievement, contribution, execution, motivation, and enthusiasm

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Experience with diverse groups 

  • Skilled in leadership, communication, change management, team development, coaching, presentation, self and time management

Intensive Feedback utilizing Assessment Instruments

Executive Leadership Development Testimonials 
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