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The Art of Facilitating the Unleashing of People's Potential

Oriented toward concrete impact and results, Executive Leadership Coaching is about helping the recipient, individual or team and the sponsor to articulate and achieve objectives. 



Executive Leadership Coaching offers a differentiated approach to coaching school executives. The coaching experience is centered on identifying and nurturing the leaders’ individual strengths and helping him/her reach new levels of professional growth, success, and satisfaction. Strengths and blind spots are identified through a variety of assessment instruments including a 360-feedback tool. Executive Leadership Coaching allows for ongoing, continuous, site-based, virtual, personalized professional development. 

The Program Design and Delivery Standard

Executive Leadership Coaching, which should be motivating, encouraging, arousing, unsettling, insightful, resourceful, innovative, stimulating and energizing, is designed to support an individual, team or organization to construct sustainable organizational change that creates a greater good. 

Our Executive Leadership Coaching program is focused around the standards for 21st Century School Executives and can be customized to fit any organizations' needs for both immediate results and long-term improvement: Strategic Leadership and Vision; Instructional Leadership; Data-Driven Decision-making; Culture, Diversity and Equity Leadership; Human Resource Leadership; Social, Legal, and Ethical Leadership; Organizational and Micropolitical Leadership; and External Leadership.  

Our Executive Leadership Coaches listen, ask probing questions, and enable those being coached to discover what is right for their situation.  They provide frameworks to help leaders grow and develop through self-assessment, reflection, needs assessment, goal-setting, action planning, and continual growth evaluation. 


The Executive Coach and the Educational Leader form a unique partnership focused on the fulfillment of identified objectives, the Executive Coach functions as a growth coach becoming the trusted guide and advocate for success. 


Our Executive Leadership Coaching program is differentiated utilizing a 360-feedback tool and is delivered on-site, virtual, and personalized. The image below illustrates our coaching model for leadership growth and development.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Who Should Participate?

Executive Leadership Coaching benefits any individual, team, or organization desiring to grow, develop, and advance performance objectives by building internal leadership capacity.  

Programs are designed specifically for:  

  • School-based Leadership (Principal, Assistant Principal, etc.)

  • District Office Leadership (Superintendent, Senior District Administrators, Directors, etc.


How Does Executive Leadership Coaching Work?

The goal of the Executive Leadership Coaching program is a collaborative, growth-oriented, learning-focused relationship between the educational leader and the Executive Coach. Ultimately, such a relationship will lead to improved student learning.


Executive Leadership Coaching…

  • “…is the process of equipping 21st Century executive leaders with the tools, knowledge, and opportunity they need to develop themselves and become more effective.” (adapted from Peterson)

  • Is individually tailored to the leader and his/her current issue(s) or problem(s), as opposed to a “one-size-fits-all” program.

  • Allows for ongoing, continuous learning, offering support, encouragement, and feedback for trying new approaches and practicing new behaviors.

  • Presents concepts and guidance in ways that can immediately be applied because they are personalized.

Executive Leadership Coaching is an interactive and developmental process where the coach enables the recipient or participant to find their own solutions, discover new opportunities, and implement actions. Coaching facilitates the opportunity for individuals to openly and safely sound-out ideas, concerns, and scenarios, to better prepare them to alter behavior or map out various plans of action. 

Who Are Our Leadership Coaches?

Our Leadership Coaches are highly trained developers with profound educational leadership and management experience who have demonstrated strong facilitation skills, enjoy working with executive school leaders and love coaching, leading, and growing others. They understand the challenges educational leaders face and recognize the opportunity to help educators grow, develop and succeed.

Executive Leadership Coach Attributes

1.  High standards of personal integrity and honesty 

2.  An ability to establish both trust and confidence 

3.  An ability to plan

4.  An ability to manage processes and accountability

5.  An ability to express oneself clearly and succinctly

6.  An ability to be patient

7.  The ability to keep promises

8.  Both presence and flexibility during the coaching process

9.  Model Facilitation

  • Facilitates ideas and problem-solving 

  • Asks guiding questions to help the leader move forward, understand the context, implement the initiative and make sound decisions

  • Diffuses anxiety

10. Advocate for Quality Professional Learning

  • Provides direction on securing quality professional development

  • Supports professional development with district standards

  • Supports professional learning communities

11. Effective Communicator

  • Exhibits an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude

  • Listens in a nonjudgmental, open-minded manner

  • Clearly articulates and stays focused on coaching goals, leadership development and moving the district toward its mission and vision

  • Responds in a positive and neutral manner

  • Communicates directly with leader face-to-face, virtually and through email, phone, fax and/or other computing devices

  • Follows up with external partners

  • Returns phone calls and/or emails in a timely manner

12. On-going Support

  • Helps leader locate resources when needed

  • Reminds leader of his/her focus/target

  • Helps leader set up and monitor timeline 

  • Provides guidance 

13. Moves Leader toward Self-Direction 

  • Fosters an environment where it is safe to take risks

  • Encourages the leader to make data-informed decisions

  • Balances observation and participation

14. Knowledge of Program and Materials

  • Exhibits familiarity with 21st Century resources

  • Recommends resources to fit the school/district’s need

  • Finds answers to questions in a timely manner

  • Reads and studies materials

  • Promotes formulating a written evaluation process


What Results​ Can I Expect From Executive Leadership Coaching?

The underlying principle for using Executive Leadership Coaching is that the participant(s) will become better equipped, increase their ownership and ultimately their confidence, satisfaction, and performance resulting in stronger internal leadership capacity leading to improved student learning and achievement.

We have flexible plans to suit any budget and schedule.  Contact Us for plan pricing.

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