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At Framework, we are devoted to providing resources for institutions and learners at every stage of the journey. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people. Framework has a long-standing history of working in education. Since 2007 we have been working with industry leaders and school districts across the country to positively impact student outcomes and build teacher capacity.

Our primary focus is on School Improvement - leveraging our experts to help educators improve teaching through innovative methodologies and best practices.

Our team meets with Superintendents, Principals, Teachers and Administrators to help schools improve in areas of need - working as a partner to show greater student achievement across the board.

Our results oriented approach has proven itself effective in multiple school districts across the country.

In addition to School Improvement we also have a team of professionals that focus on professional development for educators around a variety of K12 products and technologies. Ask us about our evidence based improvement.

Why partner with Framework Education?

Professional Development

Professional Development & Coaching

Framework's commitment is to assist schools and districts in assuring that teachers are effective and able to improve instruction.

Our Professional Development and Coaching Services are designed to strengthen instructional practices and teaching performance for multiple educational areas. Framework employs experienced P.h.D. level coaches specialized in Math, Literacy, STEM, Social Studies and Leadership.

Framework coaching solutions are research based, rigorous and aligned (to state standards) to provide instructional and support programs that are comprehensive and manageable.

Consistent classroom walkthrough, observations and collaborative co-teaching disciplines allow our Professional Development Coaches to provide embedded, individualized learning.

The results of this approach cultivate efficiency in teaching.

School Improvement Solutions

School Transformation Services

Framework's role as either a Supporting Partner (SP) or Lead Turnaround Partner (LTP) is to provide a comprehensive and disciplined approach to School Improvement. We seek to understand the school's unique culture by working with school districts and school Leadership as well as lead teachers to collaboratively develop solutions that promote the learning environment and improve student outcomes.

Framework helps teachers using formative assessments in their lesson design to be able to capture in-time student learning, assess the learning and adjust where needed.

Framework has a deliberate focus in three key areas where we support teachers, school & district leaders in improving instructional quality and increasing student achievement.

School Improvement and Effectiveness
School Leadership Development
Teacher Growth


EdTech Solution Implementations

Digital Curriculum and Technical Education tools are quickly staking a significant portion of the educational landscape. Administrators, teachers and students crave the same interactive platforms and solutions that they live with every-day in their personal lives.

Framework's Technical Education Solutions Group works with school and districts’ IT staff to help provide scalable and affordable infrastructure support solutions and services to ensure that your school's infrastructure is keeping up with these powerful learning solutions and approaches.

Infrastructure site survey and analysis
Infrastructure upgrade and support
Learning Device Roll Out and Implementation
Digital Curriculum Product Activation
Onsite Technical Issue Resolution and Support

Digital Product Coaching

Digital Product Coaching

The education landscape is changing and rapidly evolving. Teachers and learners are becoming much more adept with technologies; leveraging this generation's tech savvy is a powerful learning approach. However, while districts and schools make significant investments into digital blended learning solutions, many educators are not equipped with the teaching best practices to harness the power of this curriculum and truly create the return on this significant investment.

Framework’s locally based teams of Digital Professional Development Coaches are practiced at providing subject specific and product agnostic instructional practices and teaching performance leadership, effectively amplifying results and the return on investment.

Digital Product Coaching

Education Staffing

Sometimes the best solution is a simple one. Framework’s dedicated recruiting team has a pipeline of thousands of education professionals. Framework's flexible model provides permanent, temporary and temporary to permanent options.

School Leadership - Principal and Superintendent level coaching
Bi-Lingual / Literate curriculum specific education specialists
Math Specialists
Literacy Specialists
STEM Specialists
Intervention Specialists
Education Technical Staff - hardware and mobile device management, network support

Digital Product Coaching

Executive Coaching & Leadership

Framework offers a variety of professional development offerings that help school districts develop future and existing leaders and increases leadership capacity at all levels of the school district.

The Framework Leadership offerings are targeted toward teacher leaders, principals, central administration, and superintendents. These research-based offerings are tailored to each school districts' needs and include:

Web-delivered professional development
Small group workshops
Multi-day institutes
Individual coaching and mentoring

Offerings by Job Classification


Strong, focused school-site leadership is a critical component in student and school success. The most effective principals assume a range of responsibilities, including setting direction, developing people, redesigning the organization, and leading instruction.

Designed specifically for Principals, this series provides the opportunity to expand leadership skills and explore new ways to enhance student learning and create success for yourself, your leadership team, your teachers, and your school.

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Assistant Principal

The role of the assistant principal has expanded from that of disciplinarian, attendance monitor, and “firefighter” to one that includes staff development, instructional leadership, and curriculum development.

Designed specifically for Assistant Principals, this series is designed to grow, develop and build the competencies needed to deliver results that improve school productivity and increase student achievement and outcomes where teachers grow, and students excel.

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District Leader

District leaders play a critical role in improving student outcomes and ensuring quality instruction through the mentorship and coaching of school-based and district leaders, managing systems, operations, and resources that ensure students succeed.

Designed specifically for District Leaders, this series is designed to shape, develop, and enhance the multifaceted leadership skills needed to achieve success within a complex dynamic organization. This series highlights the differences between highly effective leaders versus those leaders who have derailed.

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Superintendents must internally make the connection and alignment of all the district's discrete parts and the relationship among the parts. The Superintendent sets the direction and tone within a school system while responding to the often-competing demands of the local school board, administrators, teachers, parents, students, and members of the community.

Designed specifically for Superintendents, this series provides an opportunity to learn new methods for improving individual, group and organizational performance while strengthening necessary leadership and management skills to revitalize a personal vision of leadership.

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Teacher Leader

Teacher leaders assume a wide range of roles to support school and student success. Whether these roles are assigned formally or shared informally, teacher leaders build the entire school's capacity to improve.

Designed specifically for Teacher Leaders, this series provides an opportunity to build leadership skills and capacity to improve professional practice. Participating teachers develop expertise in building a collaborative culture, connecting policy with practice, and advocating for teachers, students, and their families.

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Virtual Leadership

Virtual Leadership Coaching allows for ongoing, continuous, just-in-time, personalized professional development and is an interactive and developmental process enabling school leaders to find their own solutions, discover new opportunities, and implement actions.

Virtual leadership coaching facilitates the opportunity to openly and safely sound-out ideas, concerns and scenarios, to better prepare them to alter behavior or map out various plans of action. A Leadership Coach is a strategic thinking partner who is invested in your success.

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Turnaround Leaders

Turning around and ultimately transforming underperforming schools and leading schools in continuous improvement is grounded in a firm belief that leaders matter to student achievement. It requires dramatic and transformative intervention within a short amount of time. We support the Community of Practice concept with time for planning and implementing the skills to turnaround and transform the teaching and learning environment for students, teachers, and communities.

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Job-Embedded Services

Job-embedded professional development with reflective coaching is a continuous thread of learning, facilitated by a reflective coach, tailored to individual needs, occurring over an extended period of time, connected to one’s specific content area, steeped in the actual work to be performed; structured within a community that is marked by trust, care, and concern for the members of the community, and part of the workday.

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Use & Impact


'Improvements can be quantified with the schools improved SOL performance in reading (72% vs. 60% the previous year)'
~Marcia Muse~


'All K-5 teachers now use the program in some manner (60% with fidelity). Previously few teachers ever opened the books.'
~Susan Murphy~


'I get great joy from providing teachers with a program and platform that allows them to create and customize interactive engaging, student centered science lessons.'
~June Jones~

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