Partnership with Purpose is the Framework Motto

We believe that successful, longstanding partnerships

are built having...

  • Continuous communication

  • Consensus on issues, solutions, and success metrics

  • Shared interest and responsibility in co-creating solutions

  • Mutual agreement on talent (experienced/seasoned






Vice President, Global Education Company

"We are very grateful to have found Framework.  We did not know there was a company that specialized in education staffing.  Utilizing Framework to recruit our variable labor resources has allowed us to focus on our customers.”

“As the vice president in charge of leading services in a global education service delivery company, I used a very large variable workforce of educating consultants.  The challenges associated with managing this type of workforce started with recruiting, interviewing and onboarding.  It also included other important aspects such as timekeeping, expense management, offboarding and regulatory compliance.  To manage every aspect of this process, I had to hire full time, internal resources.  These resources occupied a large part of my headcount and put a strain on my budget.  I looked for a solution and found it in Framework Consulting.  After we engaged Framework, I was able to focus on my customers and key business cycle events like “Back-to-School.”  In short, Framework provided me with peace of mind.  My variable labor workforce was high quality and compliant with all national and local labor laws.”

Vice President, Professional Development

“Framework made our dream a reality!  There is no way we would be where we are today without the help of Framework.”  See video short below.

M. Mamea, Director of the Integrated Data Service Team, ASDOE

A. Huggins, Education Specialist

“Framework strives to keep their consultants informed.  The Partners and Consultant Support Team understand who we are and the tasks we are performing in support of their client, which impact schools, teachers and students.  Every time I have reached out, whether by phone or by email, I have always received a prompt response and next steps.  Thanks to this support, I’ve been able to perform my role efficiently and effectively.”


Each of these videos tell a story.  The first speaks volumes about the dedicated efforts we put forth for our clients.  The second showcases Framework's active role in, and commitment to, the education community at large.

Longitudinal Data Systems
American Samoa Dept. of Education
NC Superintendent Association
NC Superintendent Association